Establishing Modus Operandi is a critical part of the design process.
In our approach the key points we address include:

Clients’ Brief

Understanding the desired aesthetics, quality, timescale and budget is the first critical step to achieving great results. Our initial meetings and discussions help us understand the client as well as appreciate their position and needs. The importance of this phase cannot be underestimated.

Initial Concepts
& Ideas

Producing sketches, drawings and detailed plans helps the client visualise concept and ideas. The aim is to lead the project to completion with fantastic results; tailor-made to the clients’ needs and desires, a space that doesn’t age but instead improves over time.

Detailing, Quality
& Craftsmanship

In constant pursuit of quality we cooperate with carefully selected contractors. Mutual respect for each other’s work, attention to detail and quality is something that we stand for and expect nothing less from the building team.

& Work Ethics

We believe that in order to develop the practice and invest in the future we have to run a profitable, efficient business. We apply modern management ideas such as agile, continuous assessment and benchmarking against industry standards. To ensure high standards of service our job is to embrace up-to-date ideas and design as well as technology solutions.


Dora Myszko

Interior Architect

Gosia Owedyk

Interior Architect


Boris Bogdanovich


Justyna Kotowska

Yacht Designer, Interior Architect

Sommer Spiers

Urban Designer, Architect

Joanna Pospieszna

Interior Architect, 3D Visualizer