Alex Kyriakidis
Global Managing Director
(Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure)
Deloitte LLP

‘On behalf of my wife and I, we wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for the most professional interior design “plus” service. We use the word “plus” because, based on our experience, you went so much further than the traditional interior design consultants, namely:

  • You listened very carefully to our requirements and were able to interpret them accurately and comprehensively
  • You delivered truly professional work – from your designs to the detailed floor measurements to the minutest detail related to the materials and equipment, paint and even wood polish used
  • You liaised regularly and pro-actively with the contractors and you scheduled all the procurement to dovetail with the works programme so that the work was completed on time and on budget
  • You developed a good working relationship with the contractors which proved critical to sustain the momentum of the work
  • The end product was a house which was completely redecorated “tip to toe” and which will no doubt help us realise value as we sell or rent it.